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# Circular Name Circular Number Issued Date
1 Submission of report on arrears of revenue for code “” – Rent on Government Building & Housing as at 31.12.2018 26/2018 2018-12-10
2 Implementation of the Annual Transfers of Officers belonging to All Island services, serving in Line Ministries and Departments 25/2018(I) 2018-12-06
3 Posts in the Public Service and Provincial Public Service belonging to Field Officer Category 02/2018 2018-11-28
4 Reregistration of Old Members of Widows/Widowers’ and Orphans’ Pension registered under earlier Batch Nos 82/83 and M/F, through the Online System. 26/2017(IV) 2018-11-15
5 நிரல் அமைச்சுக்கள் மற்றும் திணைக்களங்களில் சேவையாற்றுகின்ற நாடளாவிய சேவைகளுக்குரிய அலுவலர்களின் வருடாந்த இடமாற்றங்களை அமுல்படுத்தல் 25/2018 2018-10-23
6 Exemption of the Officers, who have been recruited to Grade III of Sri Lanka Engineering Service, from the Requirement of passing the Examination on Other Official Language Proficiency 21/2018 2018-09-28
7 Resolving the Issues related to Grade Promotions of the Officers, who have been absorbed into the Development Officers’ Service 05/2018 (Combined Services) 2018-09-10
8 Definition of Salary 24/2018 2018-09-07
9 Annual Transfers of Officers in Supra Class of Public Management Assistants’ Service - 2019 22/2018 2018-09-04
10 Deferment of Salary Increments on non-completion of Efficiency Bar Examination of Officers in Grade I of Public Management Assistants’ Service 04/2018 (Combined Services) 2018-08-28

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