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Information Technology Division

The Information Technology Unit which is responsible for management of the information and communication technology infrastructure including Website, Local Area Network, Performance Monitoring System, Lanka Government Network, Public Administration Circular Database, Public Addressing System, and Computer Hardware and Software Management, ICT Procurement of the Ministry of Public Administration and Management, involved with various reform oriented ICT Project Management.


  • Provision of email and Internet service to the staff of the ministry
  • Development and maintenance of the ministerial web site
  • Development of databases and relevant software for the branches of the ministry
  • Maintenance of the computers and Local Area Network of the ministry
  • Training of the ministerial staff to increase the IT literacy
  • Distribution of PA Circulars through mail, email and Internet
  • Providing IT based services to the public sector agencies.


Organization Structure


Contact Details

Ms. Samanthi Senanayake
Senior Assistant Secretary (IT)
Tel : +94 11 2689414 (Ext - 709)
Fax : +94-11 2693631
E-mail : sas-it[at]



Mr. P.G.M. Rohana
Assistant Director (IT)
Tel : +94 11 2698419 (Ext - 714)
Mobile : +94 77 1849454
Fax : +94 11 2693631
E-mail : ad-ict[at]


Information Technology Division

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