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Human Resource Development Division


Competent Human Resources.


To Develop Competent Human Resources for the improvement of efficiency and productivity of the service delivered.


  • To identify Training requirements of the officers in the Ministry of Public Administration and Management to facilitate and conduct training programs
  • To fair distribution of Foreign and Local Training opportunitie
  • To utilize the government fund effectively
  • To motivate the staff to enhance the effectiveness and productivity of the services delivered

Key Functions of Human Resources Division

  • Taking Actions with regard to settling fees of the local training courses of the officers belonging to this Ministry including officers in District and Divisional Secretariats.
  • Collection of necessary information for a financial control over settling fees of the training courses and maintaining data bases.
  • Making aware the officers of local training opportunities (short term/ post graduate degrees and diplomas)
  • Obtaining training opportunities contacting local training institutes.
  • Dealing with duty leave to be spent out of Sri Lanka, of the officers at all departments and other institutions belonging to this Ministry including District and Divisional Secretariats.
  • Making aware the officers of long term foreign training courses obtained through Department of External Resources
  • Taking action regarding the nomination of officers for short term foreign training programmes.
  • Collecting information and maintaining data bases in order to provide reports/ information needed for selecting suitable officers for short term foreign training programmes
    • Information with regard to foreign training programmes to which the officers have participated
    • Information with regard to qualifications of the officers (educational, English language proficiency)
    • Information of the officers who have earned productivity awards and achieved places at the management competitions.
  • Obtaining foreign training opportunities through preparing proposals together with donor agencies
  • Dealing with foreign training opportunities received directly
  • Taking follow up actions to examine the way in which the officers apply knowledge and experience gained at the foreign training programmes, for the development of their institution
  • Identification of the language training needs of all the officers under this Ministry and implementing the programmes required to meet them.

Organization Chart


  1. Foreign Training Opportunities (Masters)
    • Circulated Letter
    • Check List
    • Application
  2. Foreign Training Applications
  3. ERD Application
  4. Documents to obtain prior permission of Hon. Prime Minister to leave the country
    • Check List
    • Appendix 16
  5. Form of Bond to be executed by officers proceeding on full pay study leave (Appendix 15) (Annexure 8)
  6. Form of Agreement to be signed by officers proceeding on full pay study leave
    (Appendix 8) (Annexure 9)
  7. Local Training Opportunities
    • Circulated Letter(Annexure 10)
    • Check List(Annexure 11)
    • Application(Annexure 12)
  8. Documents for Requesting Financial Assistance to follow Local Programs.
    • Check List
    • PA circular 5/98 Agreement
    • Other Formats
  9. Internal Circulars
  10. Formats


Contact Information

Mrs. R.K.G.D.K. Wijesinghe
Senior Assistant Secretary (Act.)
Tel  : +94 11 2698672 (Extension - 280)
Fax :+94 11 2698672
Email: sas-hr[at]



Mrs. D.G.S.C. Niroshini
Assistant Secretary
Tel  : +94 11-2698464 (Extension - 707)
Fax : +94 11-2698461
Email: ashr[at]

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