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Finance Division


Dedicating to utilize public resources and finance with a view to establish an excellent public service for the progress of the nation.


Maintaining a financial control with transparency and responsibility according to public financial rules and regulations


  • Preparation of financial plans and budget control
  • Fulfilling the needs of the clients without any delay
  • Financial administration in line with Public financial regulations, policies, decisions and provisions of circulars
  • Recording properly all the receiving, payments income, expenditure, reconciliation and data processing
  • Ensuring the protection of assets
  • Settling liabilities, accounting them properly
  • Collection and analysis of financial information, and applying modern technical systems and methods to prepare financial statements
  • Protecting the ownership of public property and financial assets
  • Ensuring that the public money is utilized properly for relevant tasks.

Main Functions

  • Preparation and maintenance of corporate plan, annual action plan, procurement plan, code for vesting of financial powers
  • Preparation of the estimates on annual income and expenditure properly
  • Improvement of skills and attitudes of human resource
  • Submission of specific financial statements and various other financial information to the parliament, General Treasury, other Ministries and Departments
  • Replying for the audit queries and audit reports made by the Auditor General after making necessary inquiries, making necessary settlements and taking action to avoid weaknesses
  • Provision of physical resources which are required by each division of the Ministry for the performance of tasks according to the procurement guidelines without any delay.
  • Providing necessary directions for the financial activities of the institutions affiliated to the Ministry, issuance of necessary instructions and supervision of the accounting process
  • Activities relating to bank accounts and annual reports
  • Organization of annual Board of Survey in connection to the management of assets and taking prompt actions to dispose fixed assets wherever necessary.
  • Preparation of final accounts such as annual appropriation account, revenue account, advanced B account of public officers, imprest account and general deposit account accurately and submission of such reports to Auditor general on due dates for certification


  • Preventing/ minimizing inadvertence, corruption and errors
  • Minimizing delays and acting according to the clients charter
  • Improving skills and attitudes of the staff and motivating the staff
  • Satisfying all the clients including the staff of the Ministry, District Secretariats and other institutions
  • Assisting the chief accounting officers for the optimum use of resources and financial allocations in order to fulfill the aims of the Ministry

Functions of the Accounts Units

  • Preparation of salaries and taking actions to pay through the banks under SLIP system
  • Taking actions to check and pay over time, travelling expenses and other allowances through banks
  • Payment and recovery of loans and settling loan balances under advanced B account
  • Preparation of pension awarding certificate after examining pension files and referring such files to the respective divisional secretariats
  • Preparation of all deductions in connection to salaries and trade unions
  • Preparation of payee tax and remitting them to the Commissioner of Inland Revenue
  • Preparation of arrears of salaries which are to be paid on various salary conversions
  • Preparation of advance B account annually and submitting it to the Auditor General
  • Preparation of reports on staff
  • Taking action to recover property loans through bank loans

  • Payment for the vouchers in connection to capital and recurrent expenditure of the Ministry (Telephone bills, water and electricity bills, rates, refreshment allowance, fuel allowance, repairs to vehicles, allowance for lecturers, capital expenditure and various other expenses)
  • Maintenance of petty cash imprest for making urgent payments- shroff unit
  • Issuance of sub imprest for special payments
  • Maintenance of general deposit accounts and preparation of list of individual balances for reconciliation with the balance of treasury as at 31st December every year.
  • Preparation of monthly account summary
  • Preparation of bank reconciliation
  • Maintenance of cash book and vote ledgers according to projects
  • Banking of money received daily after verification- shroff unit
  • Referring paid vouchers monthly to Auditor General
  • Maintaining official bank account

  • Preparation of annual procurement plan
  • Purchasing high valued capital goods through National Competitive Bidding, and taking actions with regard to work contracts and  services
  • Purchasing low valued capital and consumer items under shopping system and obtaining services
  • Repairing photocopiers, fax machines and other office equipment
  • Stock management activities including receiving and issuing items and maintaining sufficient stocks
  • Appointment of procurement committees and technical evaluation committees for ministries and departments
  • Calling meetings of procurement committee of the ministry

  • Preparation of annual estimate on expenditure
  • Submission of annual performance and accounts report of the Ministry to Parliament
  • Reporting information on quarterly capital expenditure of District Secretariats and Departments and other institutions under the Ministry to the General Treasury
  • Preparation of annual appropriation account
  • Preparation of monthly reports on capital and recurrent expenditure of the Ministry and quarterly expenditure reports and supervision of expenditure
  • Transfers under FR 66/69 and obtaining additional provisions
  • Making replies for audit queries
  • Organization of annual board of survey and taking further actions according to the reports of survey
  • Disposal of items on timely requirements
  • Supervision of the financial activities of Department of Pension, Department of Registrar General and Sri Lanka Institute of Development Administration
  • Preparation of cabinet memorandums regarding the construction projects of the Ministry, Department of Pensions, Department of Registrar General, District Secretariats, Divisional Secretariats and Sri Lanka Institute of Development Administration

  • Making allocations for the maintenance of the circuit bungalows, holiday bungalows
  • Preparation of revenue estimates, reports of arrears of income and revenue accounts
  • Preparation of annual revenue account
  • Supervision of bank reconciliations of district secretariats
  • Calling monthly reports of capital expenditure from district secretariats and supervising utilization of expenditure
  • Supervision of replies made for audit queries at district secretariats
  • Taking actions according to FR 101 – FR 109 regarding the damages including accidents occurred to vehicles at District Secretariats
  • Supervision of annual board of survey at district secretariats
  • Appointment procurement committees for district secretariats
  • Taking action under FR 115 for the payments of previous years
  • Activities relating to official bank accounts at district secretariats
  • Activities relating to general deposit accounts at district secretariats
  • Supervision of advance account of public officers at district secretariats (removal of the revision made to limits, submission of accounts to Auditor General)
  • Supervision of appropriation accounts at district secretariats
  • Making required allocations to district secretariats (construction and repairs)
  • Supervision of board of survey at district secretariats
  • Making allocations for the foreign tours of officers at district secretariats

  • Management of the staff
  • Activities of the staff
  • Routine duties of the office
  • Maintenance of leave registers
  • Receiving and delivery of letters

Contact Details – Finance Division

Mrs. D. Rathnayake
Chief Accountant
Tel - +94 11 2695682 (Extension- 400)
Mobile - 0777213092
Fax - +94 11 2698664
Email - ca[at]




Mr. P. Omaththage
Accountant (Procurement)
Tel - +94 11 2694291 (Extension- 414)
Mobile - +94 714 434900
Fax - +94 11 2694291
Email - acct-sup[at]



Mr. A.B.J. Kumar
Accountant(Financial Reporting)
Tel - +94 11 2695723 (Extension- 410)
Mobile -
Fax - +94 11 2695723
Email - acct-act[at]



Mr.L.L.S. Sanjeeva
Accountant (Payments)
Tel - +94 11 2688651 (Ext - 408)
Mobile - +94 77 9595689
Fax - +94 11 2695723
Email - This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



Mrs.E.V.N. Sandanayake
Administrative Officer
Tel - +94 11 2688651 (Ext - 408)
Mobile - +94 77 9595689
Fax - +94 11 2
Email - This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



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