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Internal Audit Division

The internal audit division of the Ministry of Public Administration and Management is functioned under a chief internal auditor who is directly responsible to the secretary of the Ministry as per F.R. 133. The division consists of a staff with head of the unit, nine internal auditors, Karyala Karya Sahayaka and a driver.

Carrying out internal auditing of Ministry of Public Administration and Home Affairs  and Department of Pensions Department of Registrar General, Sri Lanka Institute of Development Administration and 25 District Secretariats under the Ministry and foreign projects implemented under the Ministry of Public Administration and Home Affairs is entrusted to the internal audit division. In addition to the above internal audits and special investigations at Divisional Secretariats under District Secretariats are also carried out by Internal Audit Division depending on the necessity.


Public service devoid of corruption fraud and inefficiency


Preventing fraud and offence by joining with the internal administration with regard to financial activities of the Ministry and departments/ institutions which are controlled by the Ministry and conducting continuous and independent survey on quantity and formality of the internal inspection carried out to reveal such fraud and offence and further taking action to ensure proper management in public resources through good governance.


  • When dealing with internal audit functions of the institution which are under the supervision of the Ministry, a special attention is paid for below functions as mentioned in F.R. 133
  • Examine whether the internal inspection and administrative system implemented within department/ institution to prevent frauds and malpractices are successful in its planning and implementation
  • Examine whether the required information are provided for the preparation of accurate financial statement  by the accounting system applied to ensure the credibility of accounts and other reports
  • Evaluating the quality of performance demonstrated by the staff in the performance of their duties and responsibilities
  • Verifying how far the assets belonging to departments/ institutions have been protected from any kind of damages
  • Examine whether the provisions of the circulars issued from time to time by the Ministry in charge of the subject of public administration and the General Treasury, establishments code, financial regulations of the government and other supplementary instructions are properly followed
  • Avoiding wastage and fruitless and excess expenses and verifying the effectiveness of internal administration system to reveal them
  • Verifying the accounting procedure of department/ institution and the operations which causes certain expense and further verifying whether the property and assets of the department are properly utilized.
  • Conducting special investigation wherever necessary
  • Carrying out system analysis and performance analysis for effective performance
  • Following the guide lines and directions given from time to time by Department of Management Audit, conducting the meetings of audit management committee of the Ministry quarterly and taking follow up actions to verify the progress in the implementation of decisions taken at those meetings

Organization Structure

Head of the Division

Mrs. I.D.I.M Gunasekara
Chief Internal Auditor
Telephone - +94-11 2667171 (Extension - 2151)
Fax - +94-11 2667171
Email - cia[at]


Contact Details

At M Floor of the main building of Ministry of Public Administration and Management  at Independence Square, Colombo 07.

Division Telephone Fax Emal
Chief Internal Auditor +94 11 2667171 (Ext - 2151) +94 11 2667171 cia[at]
Internal Audit Division Ext - 11 +94 11 2667171


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